KACI® - Knowledge Assistant for Clinical Information

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The next generation of oncology data management software is here!

The wait is over. At last, an oncology data management software delivers savings opportunities and process efficiencies to the cancer registry. NeuralFrame has developed KACI (Knowledge Assistant for Clinical Information), the cutting-edge cloud-based system built by leading clinicians, CTRs, and software engineers to provide fast, accurate data to fulfill registry requirements and deliver timely information to clinicians, researchers, and administrators, essential for providing outstanding patient care.

What people are saying about KACI

The ’one to watch’”

Tumor Registrar, Oncology Analytics

It’s a game changer”

Cancer Program Specialist

Easy-to-use report function”


KACI has a lot of improved and added functions that others don’t have”

Data Quality Associate

It provides the format and data tools that registrars need to perform organized, quality work with ease and timeliness”


I can see KACI having the ability to make registry abstracting a more efficient process with the potential to produce more meaningful data reports”

Cancer Registry Manager

KACI is set up in a logical order and is very clear”

Supervisor, Cancer Registry

KACI has updated fields and background resources where my current software does not”

Manager, Tumor Registry and Accreditation

The KACI Difference