About Us

Founded in 2017, NeuralFrame has brought together an expert team of clinicians, systems engineers, and executives passionate about generating better medical data for better patient outcomes.

We elevate the power of machine-learning to synthesize multiple sources of medical data to deliver Smarter, Faster and Deeper information to the medical community of Clinicians, Researchers and Educators.

Our Team

Our team of expert physicians and leading engineers believes faster processing with more insight means a higher quality healthcare system.

  • Dr. Patrick McNeillie

    Founder & Chief Information Officer

    Dr. McNeillie leads the systems training for natural language processing in artificial intelligence at NeuralFrame.

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  • Kevin Scanlan

    Founder & Head of Business Development

    Prior to co-founding NeuralFrame, Kevin developed technology solutions for medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and IBM’s Watson Health.

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  • Brian Scanlan


    Brian leverages his expertise as a successful entrepreneur and investor to lead NeuralFrame’s growth strategy and execution.

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  • Jeanne Holmes

    Head of Marketing and Human Resources

    With over 30 years of experience, Jeanne Holmes leads Marketing and HR efforts at NeuralFrame.

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  • Jennifer Rohleder, CTR

    Accreditation Specialist

    An experienced CTR, Jennifer brings more than 20 years of healthcare and consulting experience to NeuralFrame.

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  • Julie Bodnar

    Head of Oncology Sales

    Julie leverages her 20+ years of sales in the health information and oncology data management staffing field to lead NeuralFrame’s sales efforts.

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  • Stephen J. Salzer, M.D.


    Dr. Salzer is involved in multiple facets of medicine giving him a unique ability to synthesize information from multiple sectors.

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  • Martín-J. Sepúlveda, M.D., FACP, FAAP, FACOEM


    Dr. Sepúlveda shares his extensive health technology experience with the NeuralFrame team.

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  • Sheri Chin


    Ms. Chin is a strategic marketing leader passionate about helping companies and people prosper and flourish – financially, professionally, personally.

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At NeuralFrame, our vision is to become the most trusted software provider of AI-enhanced, digitized medical record-keeping. In so doing, we will be an integral member of the medical community united in advancing treatment and improving patient outcomes.

Our values lead us on a mission to advance treatment and improve patient outcomes. These values are:

• Integrity (Principled, Responsible) • Innovative (Curious, Inquisitive) • Collaborative

• Tenacious • Patient-Centric • Adaptive (Resilient, Resourceful)

• Inclusive