Drive innovation and value with secure, cloud-based cancer registry software

Healthcare organizations are improving patient outcomes by using advanced technology and innovative treatments. Forward-thinking facilities can now apply KACI®’s state-of-the-art cancer registry software, with the hardened security profile of a modern, cloud-based software architecture. KACI offers software features which  allow for expanded data collection to deepen facility understanding by generating timely, high quality, and actionable information through a large library of customizable reports and dashboards.

In addition to satisfying accreditation and reporting requirements, cancer registry data can be used across the organization including:

Quality and scope of diagnostics, care, and treatment –  Comprehensive analysis of patient treatments and outcomes can provide fresh insights into best practices

Organizational Optimization – Increased visibility into disease patterns and service utilization enables better resource allocation

KACI’s modern software architecture infrastructure elements include:

Security – KACI utilizes state-of-the-art technology with multiple layers of security and encryption. NeuralFrame employs independent third parties to conduct SOC 2 Type II audits which validate that the system meets or exceeds AICPA standards.

Cloud design – KACI was built on the cloud for the cloud

  • Automatic software updates are seamless and reduce internal IT resource requirements
  • Cloud design enables a single source of truth across geographically diverse locations

KACI integration – improves timeliness and enhances data quality:

  • Leverages HL7 (v2, v3, CDA and FHIR R4) enabling direct import of EMR data
  • Automates field population

Multi-server architecture minimizes local service disruptions

Adaptable server capacity supports record and user count increases without impacting service or speed

Automated system updates ensure timely responses to:

  • Changes in treatments, diagnosis, and reporting standards
  • Integrated cancer registry guidelines are electronically downloaded when released by standard-setters

KACI improves data quality and efficiency:

Automated field population reduces errors and subsequent rework

Streamlined data collection KACI only displays the appropriate required fields based on the year of diagnosis

Data validation edits provide explanations of the field requirements, increasing accuracy


To learn more about KACI and how it can bring value to your cancer registry, contact Julie Bodnar at


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