Quality Oncology Data, the KACI® Way

Quality data is paramount for cancer registries not only for reporting out to the required state and accreditation agencies, but also for providing hospitals with accurate, timely data for understanding patient diagnoses and treatment patterns as well as allocating resources for staffing and equipment.

In accredited facilities, a Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) cannot perform quality audits on the cases they have abstracted; other qualified staff or a third party must perform Quality Assurance (QA). Staffing resources normally assigned to abstracting may be reassigned to address QA auditing for data completeness and accuracy, compounding any existing workload backlogs which increase costs and may delay availability of data.

KACI® (Knowledge Assistant for Clinical Information), NeuralFrame Inc.’s oncology data management software, assists CTRs in this endeavor, offering QA dashboards which enable facilities to concurrently or retrospectively audit and update up to 25 common data quality concerns.  At a glance, a user can identify the number of cases that may not meet abstracting requirements (missing or blank fields, inconsistencies in field inputs, incorrect information, etc.). From there, the user can open each case and make appropriate corrections or add notes to indicate why the information is in fact, correct.  QA issue identification and resolution has never been easier.

Not only does the KACI QA dashboard assist the hospital in providing timely quality data necessary in all aspects of oncology understanding, but it also eliminates many of the spreadsheets and emails frequently created to address QA concerns, driving efficiencies throughout the QA process.

To learn more about how KACI can bring quality and efficiency to your cancer facility, sign up for a demo. 

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