NeuralFrame Builds Oncology Data Management Team

NeuralFrame, Inc., a medical technology company, announces the recent hires of Jennifer Rohleder, Oncology Product Manager, and Julie Bodnar, Head of Oncology Sales, to support growth in the oncology data management sector.

Jennifer Rohleder, a Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) with over 20 years in cancer registry, joined NeuralFrame in January this year.  A leader in the National Cancer Registrar’s Association (NCRA), Jennifer has spent much of her career consulting hospitals in cancer program accreditation, cancer registry management and strategic analysis. Responsible for data oncology product management at NeuralFrame, Jennifer guides the product development process providing real-world insight to address the challenges and concerns both CTRs and hospitals experience, and to drive improvements delivering speed, accuracy, cost-efficiency, and strategic value.

Julie Bodnar joined NeuralFrame in April with more than 20 years of health information and oncology data management experience providing strategic solutions to health systems nationwide.  Recognized as a leader in registry staffing sales, Julie has worked with many of the major hospitals and cancer centers in the U.S. and has extensive knowledge of the challenges CTRs face and the difficulties that hospitals experience in finding qualified registry personnel.   With her deep cancer registry and facilities knowledge, Julie identifies opportunities where technology can simplify and reduce the burden on CTRs while providing significant efficiencies and value to hospitals.

“We’re delighted with the hires we’ve made in 2020,” said Brian Scanlan, NeuralFrame CEO.  “These talented women provide us with real-world insights and perspectives to build and deliver outstanding products to oncology data management.”

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